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1000 Park Center Dr
Vista, CA, 92081
United States

(505) 823-1293

We supply photonic components for harsh environment applications.  These applications require components to operate through wide temperature ranges, shock, vibration, condensation, chemicals, and/or radiation.

Example applications are: aerospace, space, shipboard, automotive, and high-performance computing (high temperature and/or submersion cooling). 


About Us

Ultra Communications was founded in 2005 as a spin-out of Peregrine Semiconductor. We are a team of engineers that developed multi-Gbps, multi-channel transceivers since the year 2000. We have talents covering all aspects of photonic component development, manufacturing and qualification.

Company Management
Charlie Kuznia, Ph. D. - Chief Executive Officer & President
23 years of experience in the areas of integrated optoelectronic/VLSI systems, free-space and fiber optic interconnects.

Joe Ahadian, Ph. D. - Chief Technology Officer & Vice President Engineering
19 years of experience in the design of high-speed mixed-signal circuits, with major designs including TIAs, laser drivers, PLLs, clock-recovery circuits, VCOs, high-linearity low-noise broadband amplifiers, RF switches, and RF power amplifiers.

Richard Pommer - Chief Operations Officer & Vice President of Operations
42 years of experience managing interconnect packaging projects from initial concept into pilot production for commercial and military applications.

UltraComm maintains a 2,000 sq. ft. class 1000 clean room with ESD controls, including humidity. With an automated 8” wafer test system, and automated fiber optic module test station, UltraComm has photonic assembly & test capabilities (50 GHz scopes, 17 Gbps BERTs) on-site. UltraComm also maintains environmental test chambers, including a EPIC thermal cycle/shock camber for stressing optical modules through qualification.  In 2010, we added precision flip-chip bond capability (FineTech Semi-Automatic Fineplacer Lambda Die Bonder with 0.5 micron placement accuracy).