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Ultra Communications

We design, develop and manufacture high-speed embedded optical transceivers for harsh environment applications. We’ve developed a unique packaging platform that enables products smaller in size, lower in weight and power (SWaP) than those currently available for harsh environments. This new micro-optical chip-scale-package platform (uOCSP) delivers unmatched levels of performance, lifetime and reliability while also providing a future-proof path to higher speeds, greater channel counts and higher levels of integration – in an identical package footprint. The uOCSP products are reflow solderable – attach directly to a host PCB – and interface to UltraComm’s patented removable RVCON connector for optical cable termini. These compact rugged high-speed optical transceivers are built using UltraComm’s unique sub-micron planar flip-chip assembly processes and provide the above attributes at a scale and I/O density not possible with standard packaging platforms.
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The CSP Platform

From a performance standpoint, the CSP platform offers many advantages to standard optical transceiver package formats. By directly attaching to a host PCB, the products allow for a low thermal resistance path, from sensitive laser device to PCB heat sink, resulting in wide operating temperature range, longer lifetime and higher device reliability. Furthermore, this methodology provides an efficient electrical interface, between module and PCB, leading to improved high-speed signal performance which in turn, results in improved optical performance. This same attachment methodology, results in substantial improvements in mechanical robustness accomplished through the module’s BGA solder interface and subsequent structural underfill between module and PCB. And, the ability to apply high volume manufacturing techniques, such as automated pick-and-place and SMT reflow solder processes, results in lower landed costs for the manufacture and assembly of the higher-level assembly in which the modules are employed.
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Our Transceivers

The ability of UltraComm’s transceivers to operate in the harshest environments including high shock and vibration, large thermal excursions and thermal cycling, radiation and condensing atmospheres to name a few, is all the more remarkable for a product with removable termination/connector. The removable connector capability is enabled by UltraComm’s patented RVCON (Rugged Vertical CONnector) connector. The RVCON is part of a kinematic system whereby the RVCON interfaces to the CSP lens guide which aligns the optics and fibers in the RVCON connector to the collimating lenses in the CSP transceiver module. The kinematic system, created by the RVCON/lens guide interface, and the mechanical mounting of the RVCON to the module with a custom spring enables optical alignment to be maintained, between connector and module, over wide temperature excursions and the high shock and vibration forces found in many harsh environments such as avionics, space and terrestrial defense applications.

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We design, develop and manufacture the most compact rugged high-speed fiber optic components for harsh environments on the planet.